Growie - when style meets function


Bring nature and style to any interior with Growie’s fully automated and customizable growing devices.

Made for interior desginers

Growie comes in many sizes and materials, so you can integrate it into any interior design.

Always green herbs on demand

Using the latest indoor growing technology, your indoor garden will be effortless. Your plants will always get exactly the right water, light and nutrients to grow the freshest, greenest and best tasting plants.

Bring life to your kitchen

Combine nature and technology, always eat fresh

Fully automated

Growie is a fully automated indoor growing system, we make sure your plants are always getting the right amount of water, light and nutrition to grow.

Beautifully intuitive

Growie is beautifully designed. Our growing pods contain the right amount of seeds, earth and nutrients to grow perfect plants every time.

Year round harvest

We use technology suited to indoor growing, this means it does not rely on the seasons or stop growing in winter. So you can always have fresh herbs & sprouts.

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Your kitchen garden is waiting

Order today, start growing tomorrow.


Serve your customers an unforgettable experience

Elevate your cocktails, raise the bar

High end experience, high end margins

Increase sales on your preferred cocktails by upgrading your bar and enticing your customers to order a high end cocktail experience.

The final touch makes the cocktail

With Growie you can make your final touch a uniquely fresh experience, pick the very last herbs and spices from real growing plants.

An experience worth talking about

Become Instagrammable. Boost reviews and ratings and drive social media visibility.

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Plant Pods Selection

It's Time to Grow!


Spice up your life with our plant pods selection

Leaffy Greens

Grow fresh, tasty and pure greens all-year-round.

What our customers says

Growie makes it possible to work with fresh herbs that it is an
experience for the customers who see that we cut fresh herbs
and process them into drinks."

Antypas.Antypas — Bar Owner Mythos Cafe

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